Summer is almost here

Our school garden has had a successful first year! The pilot project of working with a few classrooms during the school year worked really well.   Kids planted seeds, transplanted starts, created stepping stones and creative trellises out of bamboo and yarn, learned about importance of worms and created compost and a worm bin.  Garden volunteers also partnered with forest patron and parent volunteer Jana Robbins so the kids extended their learning of gardening to learning about the importance of the forest and the plants within them.

All students of Leschi and their caregivers are encouraged to swing by and grab and eat a pea or two from the pea plants that are in full bloom.  The strawberry plants are also looking great and have already yielded some scrumptous berries so grab a berry if you are in the garden.

Savage, Snyder and Tsutikawa’s classes will be having their annual End of Year picnic Monday 6/16.  Parent Kim Blakemore will make up leek potato soup using the giant leeks growing in the garden in front of the school.

Parent Syreeta Bernal along with Kim Blakemore and Jean Hicks will host a cooking class using the vegetables growing in both school gardens.

Summer plans include having CDSA summer camp take over daily watering maintenance.  Student teacher intern Chelsea Forberg will work with summer kids to learn more about gardening and growing food the remainder of June and all of July.  Our garden will be in good hands!

Parent Kim Blakemore will put together couple summer work parties to make sure our garden gets the TLC it will need during the fastest growing months of the year.

We’ve already begun talking about plans for next year.  We want to extend the garden food growing experience to different classrooms and are exploring ways on how we can do this.  We of course count on volunteers so heavily so if you have any interest in helping us next school year, shoot Kim Blakemore an email at  We plan to work with teachers to find out if there’s a way we can complement their existing science curriculums and use the garden as a lab.

Pictures of cooking and garden growth will be posted soon!











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