Volunteers needed: Garden Work Party Saturday 12/21 10:30a-12:30pm

What:         Leschi School Garden Work Party

When:        Saturday 12/21 10:30am-12:30pm

Where:      Leschi Elementary, meet in front

Who:          You!

RSVP:         Kim Blakemore, Parent Volunteer Garden Coordinator

kblakemo@uw.edu or 206-418-9467

Bring:         Something warm/water proof to wear

Good shoes/boots for mud!



What will be involved?

  • Move palettes in back of school to front of school
  • Shovel soil into a neat pile
  • Move burlap bags located in front of school to storage closet
  • Discard plastic bags located in front of school
  • Other tasks TBD


  • Great exercise and fresh air!
  • Help get our garden ready for winter!

Winter is coming and Fall is here!

We have made steady progress both in building the garden and in teaching the kids how to plant food, such as potatoes, herbs and raspberry trees.  More pictures will be added but in the mean time, check out the burlap bags full of potatoe starters near the CDSA garden.

See some of the 2nd graders after a garden experience with teacher Jean and Curtis.

Nove 2nd graders

Several Leschi students created some gorgeous stepping stones during “Open House” that the above 2nd graders put in place.  See the stepping stones here.  We are also lucky to have two community volunteers (Russ and Serenity) help us with the garden education every Friday.  They are indeed excited to work with the kids!

Nov class at work with commuity volunteers

Back in early October, a wonderful group of parents helped put shelving in the school closet located near CDSA.  The school graciously loaned us some space to put our gardening equipment.  See the makeover!

Garden storage

Finally, parent Sarah Dion submitted a grant to Whole Kids Foundation that if awarded, will give the school $2000 for our new school garden.  We will learn in March whether or not Leschi is awarded the grant.  Keep your fingers crossed!

Also, check out the raspberry trees in the circular garden bed located right outside CDSA.   Someone put an absolutely wonderful scarecrow there although I have not been able to find out who!  If anyone has leads on who this benefactor may be, please let me know so we can thank them at kblakemo@uw.edu!

New stepping stones

Thank you to parents Helen and Andy (mom and dad of Marigold) and teacher Julia Anders for coordinating garden stepping stone making for the garden.  They will truly make our garden beautiful!  Parents and students stopped by during Open House Th 10/17 to make the stepping stones.  They will be placed throughout the front garden.


Fridays 11:30a-1p: Seeking volunteers to help garden educators

Our parent volunteer garden educators are seeking volunteers to help keep our students interested and busy in the garden on Fridays 11:30a-1:30p.

Ideally volunteers would live near or in the neighborhood surrounding the school since we’d like very much to keep our efforts limited to our surrounding community.   We want to build bridges between our community and the school and as much as possible, reflect the demographics of our school community through our volunteers.   Please contact Kim Blakemore if interested in donating your time 206-418-9467 or kblakemo@uw.edu.

Invitation to school garden work party Sunday 10/7 11a-2p

We need you!

What:  School Garden Fun Work Party

Date:  Sunday 10/6/2013 (yes, this Sunday!)

Time:  11am-2pm

Who:  You!


  • Organize storage closet for gardening equipment
  • Assemble wheelbarrow
  • Recycle plastic jugs into watering cans
  • So we can meet you and so that you can get to know our community even better!

Where:  Leschi school, back of school near CDSA

RSVP:  No need.  Just show up.  But if you are the type who likes to shoot a word about being there, email Kim Blakemore kblakemo@uw.edu

“Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.”

– Frank Lloyd Wright

Tomorrow we start gardening!

Hello wonderful community!  We start rolling in volunteer led observational gardening classes with three of our beloved classrooms:  Ms. Richardson’s (filling in for Ms. Trudel while she’s out on maternity leave), Ms. Snyder’s and Ms. Savages.  With such a crazy fall before us, we can’t thank these teachers enough for allowing us to work with their kiddos.  Pictures of our first day will be forthcoming!